Friday, December 12, 2003

I went to a meeting at work this morning, it was good to go, see people, and take in the V. IMPORTANT information that was imparted. But it really wore me out. More than I thought. foolishly, after work, I stopped at the Safeway Grocery on the way home. The store by my office is much nicer than the one by our house, so I wanted to get some stuff to make Spanish Rice, and look for a present for Sara, which I found.

Morningstar Farms Tofu Corn Dogs!

She always harasses me for eating corn dogs, so I found some she could have, maybe she won't be so jealous of my corn dogs now? :D But I doubt it.

When I got home, I was so worn out, I put away the groceries and went to sleep. At like, 1pm! And slept till Sara got home from work at 8.

Waking up I was greeted with a wave of nausea, ran to the bathroom, and well, purged. I am so tired of this. It is not consistent, it is not predictable. On the other hand, I am alive, so that's nice.

Random notes: is going away. Please use :

BUT! the SPAM filter is a little out of whack, I just found out yesterday, so if I did not respond for the past week or so, it is because I have not been checking my bulk mail, I am now.

the clutch on my truck is worse and worse, should I sell it or fix it?

After not using the phone for a while (it still hurts) I tried to call my folks, my sister and OMJ today, and got voice mail at each. But I did not leave voicemail, because it still hurts me to talk, esp after tonights barfing.

Cancer Sucks!

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