Thursday, December 04, 2003

Right after I woke up, and typed all that stuff about how good I felt? .... I went to the bathroom and puked my brains out. Then I think I may have passed out, or just taken a quick little "floor nap" to regain energy? But I did eventually make it into the shower.

In an amazing show of stupidity, I also drove myself to the bank and deposited a check, then got a Jamba Juice and an onion bagel with cream cheese and lox mixed in, and sat on the sidewalk cafe for a while. Actually, that part was nice.

Got home and rested. that took a lot out of me.

I JUST got a phone call from a racer pal of mine who will remain nameless here, but he is a good pal, and had some swelling. Guess what? He is scheculed for the "The Inguinal Orchiectomy" on Monday morning. POOT! We are hoping they detected it before any cancer spread to the rest of him, and the surgery will get it all. We are hoping.

I am now officially pissed off about nut sack cancer. What causes this? Why?

My only theory so far is that EVERYTHING in the State of California is labelled as "can cause cancer" and I think after a while, guys start to believe it, so it just happens.

Anyhow, my best thoughts and wishes to my pal for Monday Morning.

and me, I am still exuding chemo, but fighting it hard, and drinking, and hoping to be better swiftly.

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