Thursday, December 25, 2003

Thank you everyone for the calls and emails. My ears are still ringing, badly. I think it is because I have so much less pain from everything else, I just notice it more? But I've been very phone shy. Wednesday afternoon I got a tad sick and gakked. I think it is a reaction to the red blood shot. But seems to be going away. Today was a little deheydrated, my own fault for not drinking enough fluids. Working to fix that now. I got the best holiday gift ever, this no more chemo has me really happy. YAY.

I think my mother has phoned everyone in the US to tell them the status of my ball-cancer, so that is kind of wired, but YAY! no more chemo!

I am still thrilled, no more chemo. PET scan on Jan 29, as double-throw-down extra information insurance.

Wednesday night Sara and I went to Dale & Joan's, Jack & Rebecca were there, and it was just wonderful.

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