Monday, December 22, 2003

The weekend passed without much hoopla. Mostly staying quiet, warm, resting at the house. Saturday night Sara and I watched the 1969 version of "The Italian Job" what a fun movie. But the ending! Feh!
Sunday she went on a motorcycle ride, then to a solstice/birthday party. I stayed home and rested.

Monday! I went to work this morning. I have great news. Through the re-org, I STILL report to Keith! YAY! I've been very anxious about this, and am very happy about the way things turned out. So that's #1 bit of good news this week.

While in the lab talking to Kirk, he said "Say! We just had an earthquake" and I did not feel anything. I missed it. Apparently a 6.5 in central California, and folks felt it in San Jose, but not me. Of course my ears are constantly ringing, the palms of my hands are numb, and recovering is taking it's toll. So maybe I just missed it. Oh well. Everything at the house seems to be in order and okay.

But, after a morning of being at work, I was worn out, so I came home to rest. Stopped at Burger King to satisfy an onion ring craving, after 4 I was satisfied. The rest have been disposed of. I am home and reting now.

Tomorrow, 8:30am, Dr.'s Appointment to get CT Scan results. Yes, we got all the cancer, or NO, we need more work, I will post as soon as I find out. Hopefully it will be good news #2 for this week.

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