Saturday, February 07, 2004

116! I just made the connection that I am in Room 116 at the Taj. 116? My motorcycle racing number, in honor of one of my heroes, OMJ, whose race number is also 116. I am in room 116! Woot!

I've started uploading photos of the trip on my Yahoo Photos Page. Link here!

You will see lots of photos of Larissa, my 2nd in command, who is travelling with me, and the things we have seen. From Singapore, we took a boat tour of the Singapore River, then went to the Botanical Gardens. She is shooting a heck of a lot more photos than I am, so I may try to beg a few of her's to add to this page.

Of special interest, at the Gardens, you will notice me standing next to a HUGE spider! HUGE! In case you do not know, I am terrified of spiders, so this is Very brave of me. HUGE!

When Keith travels, he takes photos of interesting signs he sees, so I will try same. There are instructions for bathroom useage in Sing.

Woke up this morning, did some business, then we went to the Match Point coffee shop for breakfast. The chicken sausages were not as good as I remember, but the potato dishes were brilliant, and the bacon was delicious. And, while my room is not as dee-luxe as last trip, the breakfast more than made up for it.

Got back and read the paper, and will lounge about today. Some of the lads form work may call and come by later this afternoon, but I need a lazy day. The heat and humidity at the Singapore Botanical Gardens nearly did me in. I got sweaty, nauseous (did not barf though) and light headed while waiting for the cab. I KNOW I would not have been able to do this trip last month. And will pace myself this time, hoping to avoid any embarrasing scenes of passing out.

Spoke to Keith on his new Cell phone. He bought an asian market phone, and will figure out how to make it work in US. I wonder if I can do same, keeping my cell # with Verizon back home... Maybe I can get a better phone, that will actually work at my house?

Oh, and I have decided I need to read more management books, if you have any great new suggestions, feel free to email.

More as it develops

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