Thursday, February 12, 2004

Friday noon, and I am feeling a little better. Larissa got sick yesterday, not like, food poisioning, probably more of too much work, too much coffee, too much different foods, and she turned a pale green tone that everyone here recognized as sick.

So we left early, went to the hotel, and she got to nap for a few hours, I think that, combines with emptying her guts out, helped a bit.

Then our pal Kandan came over, we drove out to his home, and met his folks. What wonderful people! He had to translate, as they mostly speak Tamil, but the kindness and caring was very evident just walking in the house. His father is an extremely distinguished man, with a great moustache, and his mom is like any mom anywhere, "eat, eat, can I get you some more to eat"

After visiting their home, we all piled back into the car and back to the Taj. Called Aparna on her cell, she joined us at the Golden Dragon chinese restuarant in the hotel. Imagine chinese food, that LOOKS like chinese food, but tastes like Indian food? We had starters (appetizers) only. But quite a few. Larissa only drank hot tea, ate nothing, and was feeling better. We managed to convince Aparna to help us with some of the massive amounts of appetizers, chatted, had fun, and called it an early evening.

Kandan took off on his Karizma 233cc Motorcycle. the fastest production bike in India, very cool. Larissa went up to her room, and Aparna and I sat in the lounge and chatted about a million different things.

This morning Larissa & I had the smallest breakfast yet at the Restuarant. She was feeling better, but did not want to risk any more.

In to the office, a few final meetings, and now we are waiting for Aparna, and will go for lunch.

WARNING! I am NOT shopping. Please do not be expecting me to bring back presents, I simply do not want to this trip, I'm quite shagged

So anyhow, I am feeling better, still mentally VERY tired at the end of the day, but better.

We spend this weekend at Fish cove, very relaxing, then a week in Bangalore

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