Friday, February 06, 2004

Front page of the Singapore Straight Times this morning, Ms. Liela LeTourneau, from Longview, Texas, my hometown, has crude oil bubbling out of her toilet. Apparently someone mixed up some pipes, and she got a plumbing surprise. However, good to know native Longview is indeed, in the international news.

Slept well last night, but my brain is still not up to speed, should stay the day here, then fly out to Chennai this evening. I'm considering buying a Cannon Powershot S400 or A-80 camera on the return trip, but cannot do the price conversions in my head, so it may not be such a great deal.

Keith spoils me letting me stay over in Sing, but the bed at the four seasons was wonderful.
If I am doing this math properly, it is costing about $60/night to stay here. Wow, If I could do that in San Jose...

that's about all, as I just woke up.

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