Thursday, February 19, 2004

I hear Jack is safe & sound back in SJ. yay! this is good.

I spent all day today trying to cash advance the amount I need for the shipping, and finally got it all handled and paid for. Meetings in the morning, then lunch with Abhik, who makes things happen in Bangalore. Got back to office, could not find Larissa, she was handling a meeting I should have been in.

She spent 1.5 hours with this babbling idiot, when it was supposed to be a 5 minute convo saying "just cause she declines your order, do not come to me. we work as a team"

but she did not know, and underwent torture for me. I owe her BIG time.

tonight is dinner with some of her friends, I am not even sure I feel like going. Bangalore finally caught up to me. runny nose, stuffy head, headache, etc. etc....

tomorrow checkout, luggage to car, go to work, hang around and tie up loose ends, then airport at 6. Flight at 7:55, (boards earlier) fly to chennai, 2 hr layover, then fly to singapore. Arrive in singapore at 7am their time, which my bod will think is 2am.

Plan to meet with my pal Mr. Miller, have brunch, go shop some (cannon Powershot S-400) have early dinner, then have him drop us at 4 seasons. We thought about staying at his place, but I hate to impose, plus Larissa wants to workout. I will sleep. then at 4am, taxi to airport.

we will fly from Sing to Tokyo, then to SF, leaving sunday morning, crossingt the intl date line, and arriving sunday morning, VERY tired.

I am trying to convince Larissa we will be veyr jet lagged, and need to sleep in on Monday, but she wants to work. If she goes, I have to go to. Maybe I'll get Sara to tie her up and force her to sleep quietly in the guest room, and not have to work Monday to recover, no, maybe kidnapping is a bad idea.....

I paid the shipping guy, and the Bullet should arrive in SF in 45 days

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