Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I really shouldn't have. But I did. Will arrive at SF in 45 days. Very classic look, very cool. I could not resist. Purchase, Indian registration and insurance (required to buy) AND shipping, all come to 194,401 rupees. And that, my friends, is a bargain!

Yesterday was a holiday in Bangalore, so no work. Larissa and I went to the national park and zoo, for wild game safari. They put us in a bus, and drove us around to see Lions and Tigers and Leopards. Then we walked around the zoo, and saw monkeys and bears. Actually, Larissa was taking photos, and managed to shoot video of 2 monkeys having 'amour'. but ya can't hear them over her giggles.

Then back into town. We stopped at a road junction and bought coconuts, she wanted to drink coconut milk. Continued to town for some shopping, some snacks. After, too early for dinner, too late for more shopping, we stopped at the motorcycle dealer, and I bought one.

Then driving to ATM, to withdraw the shipping part of the finance deal. Bike was on card, shipping needs cash. My bank only allows me to withdraw 23,000 rupee/day, and I need to do it again today to get to the amount I need. Woo hooo! I look rich with a bankroll of bills.

Hotel, Dinner at the seafood restaurant, got ate by skeeters, then to bed.

today promises to be busy, more as it develops

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