Tuesday, February 10, 2004

it's 3:30 pm in Chennai, we just got back from a big lunch at Saravana Bhavan. I am feeling very tired, and it is not lunch, I think it is the schedule, combined with the work I am trying to get done. I am feeling very over-extended, but will rest tonight, and see if that helps.

I've posted more photos on the Yahoo site. I'd like to point out the ones labelled "ITL...." are ones Larissa took, and the ones labelles "IT..." are the ones I took.

In a non related note, my pal Jack sent me this link to a swell article about the war in Iraq.

this paragraph really hit home with me:

"This war is not just killing Iraqi civilians, resistance fighters and coalition soldiers. It's murdering any pretence that we live in countries that value, let alone practice, the principle of democratic accountability. It calls into question our ability to rein in political excess and to root out state-sponsored incompetence. " Gary Younge, Monday February 9, 2004, The Guardian

I must go to a meeting

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