Monday, February 23, 2004

Jet Lag, cannot sleep, my body is still in India. Actually, so is my motorcycle! Once I can con concentrate, I will write up tales of the last few days, the flight home, and an amazing evening in Singapore, during which Larissa nearly broke my nose with her head, while dancing in a nightclub in Sing, then nearly not waking up for the plane! WHEE!

But, I am safely home, have showered Sara with presents and such, then fell asleep. Bah! I am still beat from travel.

I DID, however, find out there are TWO stories about Jack's crash. What his babbling idiot Peer told me about naked parking lot wheelies, and then, the truth according to Jack. Either way, he is layin around his house, so in between jet laggy, airplane sick naps, I will go over and force him to clean motorcycles, or cook me dinner or something. Just to remind him he is not special, or anything. ;)

more as I have energy

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