Friday, February 13, 2004

Larissa really put it well. "Its like when you decide you're gonna go out to eat ribs, you get all excited for the taste, you prepare your mouth for some succulent, tasty food, you drive WAY across town, and then find the restaurant is closed."

We spent the afternoon with my pal Aparna, getting small trinkets for Larissa's family, and generally touring Chennai. And, we found a travel bag to put all said stuff into. Then drove out to Fisherman's Cove, on the bay of Bengal. You may remember me talking about how WONDERFUL Fish cove was in 2002. I went on and on about how relaxing, how beautiful, how amazing. The little cabins on the beach, the great restaurant, the exceptional service..

I was very much looking forward to relaxing in a hammock on the bay, delighting in the fact that I still had a wonderful job, and had survived cancer, and was doing cool things in India.

We arrived, and well, the restaurant was closed. No Ribs for YOU!

The folks in the India branch of our travel office reserved two seperate rooms. Yes, two ECONOMY rooms. I am in a hotel room, I have a view of the cabins, no, they are 'chock-a-block' full, they cannot change anything.

My room has no bathtub, shower only (with a glass door that is falling off, and the water valve handle broke when I tried to turn it on). I have twin beds. TWIN beds! I have not slept in a twin bed since I tried to use the surgery bed after the dee-vorce in 99. The mini-bar is sad, the bed is lumpy, the lights don't work, the air-conditioner rattles. AND, I can hear the couple next door's "makiing whoopie" noises. Fortunately, he is a lousy lover, and they are done pretty quickly, every time they enter the room.

We went downstairs for dinner, stopped at the desk to ask about upgrading, heck, not even a sea front, even a garden cabin? Nope! FULL! So sorry. Heck, we could have stayed in Chennai for this.

Got to the restaurant and there was a duo of Indian lads on guitars, singing bad cover hits. "Losing my Religion" by R.E.M., on 2 acoustic guitars, wierd. very wierd.

Dinner began sourly, cause I am pretty pissed. Larissa also had hopes of a long, warm, luxurious bath. When the Indians broke into "Teddy Bear" by Elvis, we started laughing. And I thought and said "What would Irish Jack do?" He would damn well make the best of the situation, and we began to laugh and tell stories. That helped. A lot.

YAY Jack!

After dinner, we wandered past the cabins (which we do not have) then up to the patio restaurant on the bay. Beautiful, will need to have dinner there tomorrow night. Then back to the main hotel, to our dingy rooms, and to bed. Where I am composing this.

Well, Lemons to Lemonade.... Tomorrow Aparna and her kids will come, we'll all go to Mahabalipurim, to see the centuries old granite carvings. I'm gonna log on, check email, then go to sleep, in my twin bed.

Oh, the wireless connection is horrible slow

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