Tuesday, February 17, 2004

When we last left our hero, he was very upset with the Taj Hotel Management. Well, nothing’s changed on that front. Absolutely no updates from them. Maybe my last stay with them.

Monday I met with my team, lunched with Abhik’s team, then had discussions about power and viewed the facilities. We left late, got to the hotel, rested and decided on Japanese for dinner. The F Bar inside the Meridian Hotel is supposed to have good food, so Mohan, our driver, dispatched us there rapidly. At the bar, everything was sleek, black and silver, and very modern. Giant projection TV playing fashion TV (Indian versions of porn, with scantily clad fashion models parading around a stage), as well as mini screens on each table. There were more waiters than customers.

Sake please?
No sir, we do not have
Uhhh, is this a Japanese Restaurant?
Yes sir, but no Sake, no one likes it.
Okay, Gin & Tonics then, and some Edamame to start?
No Edamame, beans out of season sir.
Okay, how about some Gyoza dumplings then
Very good

When we ordered, Larissa went Korean, with a beef bul-go-ki and spicey noodles. and I lost my mind entirely and ordered the nigiri sushi plate. Okay, I am recovering from chemo, in a third world country, and I order raw fish. What the hell am I thinking? I MUST be feeling better! Woo hoo!

The dumplings were delicious, then the sushi came. They thought it was an appetizer. Thinly sliced, on not stickey enough rice, 4 shrimps, 4 tunas, 4 snappers, and 4 unidentifiable white fish. 570 rupees. That’s about $11 to you and me.

Then they brought Larissa’s order, the noodles were very tasty, the beef was okay, but they did not use choice cuts. I think that cow just got too old to pull an ox cart anymore….

Few more drinks, then Mohan spirited us back to the hotel. We went next door to the “PubWorld” bar, had a drink, then decided it was time to call it an evening.

Tuesday found me chasing from meeting to meeting. I am visiting partner sites, to see what space they have, and what labs. It is very interesting to see Indian high-tech companies. You walk into offices MUCH nicer than ones in Mountain View, filled with happy, smiling employees. Instead of demotivational Dilbert Cartoons, they have slogans like: “Work is Worship” and “Change is Constant”, “Teamwork means less me, more WE”. No wonder these guys are leaving us in the dust.

Lunched with my team, went to Y-Café, which had Mexican food, Italian food, etc. all done up like Indian food. Very nice however.
Back to office, more site meetings, then to hotel. Tonight we heaed out for Kebabs. Ended up at “Treats” or something like that, a hole in the wall kebab house. VERY delicious foods. Then back to hotel, sat in lounge, had unfriendly service, a drink, then upstairs, where I now type this manifesto.

Mickey Rourke. Barfly! About Charles Bukowski the poet. What a great story.

No relevant info however, just a wild tangent

All my best…

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