Friday, March 19, 2004

the hot tub turned funky, it got all cloudy and poop looking. I thought someone may have left a turd in it. But it turns out the PH was way too high, and we put some stuff in it, now it is clear again, whew.

But, Paul suggested a great product that will enzymatically keep it clean, and I ordered that. cause less chemicals is better

I want to go for a MC ride Sunday

OH, and I found out I am a sinner, and gonna burn, cause Sister Rosetta told me so.

according to her:

Skateboarding is a sin
You should only wear bible approved underpants
and Sister Taffy is the devil

but it is okay to buy shirts with pickles wearing halos.

It is a good website I suggest you go there.

Charles, where does this all come from?

Well, I was looking up someone at work, and their directory entry had a personal website, which was all about being saved, and are you a sinner? and I thought, OH, I need to be saved!

then, being me, my brain totally reverted, and I thought about strippers. WOO HOO!

and then about my pal Elaine's story about the guy who wanted strippers, or church goers for a girlfriend

and I remembered there is some stripper for god

and her name had something to do with rocks?


the rosetta stone!

from stripper to bride of christ

cause Jesus was Jewish, you know, like ME!

so he wants all his brides to have a great rack, and some go-go boots

then I started laughing maniacally

sister Rosetta may be off her rock, but at least she has faith, and that is what is important.

now I forgot what the heck I was doing at work.

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