Monday, March 15, 2004

Sara posted some photos of our lovely garden

news of the weekend?

Hot Tub was delivered, installed and powered up. $750 to get wiring and electrical all up to 'code'. eeek, however, sitting in a big tub of water, over some shoddy electrical wiring I did is just a bad idea. So I do not feel so bad about it

went for dinner with pals Eric & Lissa on Friday night, at a schmancy restaurant in San Jose, Eulipia

got home, slept, next morning Sara stayed for Willow Glen Electric to hook up hot tub, while Eric, Lissa and I went shooting at the santa clara county "field sports' park Cool how they call a shooting range a field sports park? all nice & freindly. My pals Larissa and Rebecca came with us. Larissa has shot before, it was Rebecca's first time.

we shot lots of guns, I will try to list, the links are close, but most of our guns are special issue, and not commonly listed, for example, i show the S&W 6" 357, but mine is actually an 8" and neither K or J framed.

handguns: Ruger .22, S&W .38 special, .357 S&W Magnum, .357 Colt Python, .454 Black Powder

rifles: .30-.30 lever action model 94 winchester, .22 carbine, Ruger 10-22, 1917 .30 cal Army Issue

On the way home, some guy in a BMW car tried to shag us at a stoplight. He was gonna go straight from the 'turn only' lane. the green light hit. Eric punched the gas on the Beast, their gigantic black ford extended van. the front end lifted, the motor growled, and we rocketed off the line, leaving BMW boy in a pool of tears.

then a look of incredible calm came over Eric. He knew, if BMW boy had anything to say, we were in a van CHOCK FULL OF GUNS!

Got home, electrician was installing hot tub, we helped move it, Larissa split to go do fun stuff, Erci, Lissa, Rebecca & Sara went for for lunch at a local mexican restaurant, I waited for4 hot tub boy to finish.

They got back, we drove out to Rebecca's folks house to deliver some tires she had, and some train parts I found, and visit her folks.

We then went home and watched the movie "Boat Trip" with Horatio Sanz, one of the funiest guys on SNL.

Kevin came over and we went to the local chinese place for dinner, then back and into the hot tub. We were getting out, and Mark and Julia came over, so I stayed and soaked most of saturday night.

Sunday morning we met up with kevin at a coffee house in Saratoga, rode motorcycles all over the SC mountians, out to the coast , had lunch at Whale City Bakery, and came back home.

Cleaned some house Sunday afternoon, sat in hot tub some more, had dinner at FLAMES sunday night. MMMM Flames on Winchester is the best. MMMMM

and hopped in bed early, to continue reading Ricardo Semler's book Maverick.
a great book about a crazed Brazilian, running a company as a democracy, caring for his people! woot.

My uncle told me a great joke this morning.

Older man is out fishing, and a frog jumps in his boat. The frog says "if you kiss me, I will turn in to a beautiful princess, and be your love slave forever"

The man picks up the frog and puts it in his pocket.

The frog says "hey, didn't you hear me, kiss, beautiful princess, LOVE SLAVE forever"

the man thought for a while, then replied "at my age, love slaves I can get, but a talking frog, now THAT is exciting."

and ths just in from my pal Andrea in Alaska.... NINJAS!

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