Monday, March 01, 2004

So I am crazily busy at work, and oddly unable to catch up on my sleep. I go to bed at 10, wake up at 6, and am tired all day. Fortunately, I have enough projects to consume my time.

My pal Darrell decided he was not racing motorcycles this year, and it was time to unload his trailer. I now own a folding trailer to carry 2 motorcycles.

California has all sorts of wierd rules about trailers. Like, you cannot pass anyone if you are towing a trailer, and you cannot go faster than 55mph if you have a trailer. So for going to the races, I still have my bumper hitch mounted Moto Tote. It will carry one bike, and allow me to keep the camper shell on the LLROL for gear and sleeping. and go fast.

Well, if I want to take Sara somewhere, we have TWO bikes, so the moto-tote won't cut the mustard. A foldable trailer will, so I got a smoking deal, am re-fitting it with Pingel removeable wheel chocks, so it will fold up easily, and can carry bigger bikes. It cost me more for the wheel chocks than the trailer, but once properly outfitted, I will be happy.

Now, the LLROL is getting kinda crotchety. Understandable, she's a '91 model, and has been pretty abused. Still works, but abused. I have been considering a replacement, maybe even a sporty utey kind of thing. But have been tied to the truck idea, because of bikes. Now I have a trailer, and can look at anything.

Unfortunately, I am a cheap bastard, and will not spend a lot of money. I want new-er, good mileage, sporty looks, and cheap. yes, most of all, cheap. The trailer will give me this flexibility.

Guess what I want to get? that's right, nothing. I cannot find anything that appeals to me, is newer, resonably priced and CHEAP. My pals Eric and Lissa have a truck for sale, but it is as old as my truck, smells like dog, and is the Mazda/Ranger bodystyle, which I did not like when I had one. Damnit, what to get?

Answer? wait till the LLROL gives up the ghost fully, then worry about it.

So, Other projects? The Bullet passed customs last night, and is on it's way to the US. I will figure out how to register it when it arrives.

The tires on the Super Motard are shot, I need to buy new tires

The Harley still leaks oil, I need to fix that

My house is full of junk, I need to get rid of a lot of it

Okay, watched Buckaroo Banzai Saturday night, good fun movie. And Jack came over, whee.

my brain is scattered, sorry

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