Tuesday, March 09, 2004

www.tristatecamera.com has the Canon Powershot S400 for $318. I am getting closer

so you know how on tea bags, there is the tea, then a string, then a paper square with the name of the tea?

well, if you were at work, and busy, you may have let the teabag stay IN the cup and steep while you were drinking

now, I am telling you, you might be on the telephone, and preoccupied and all , and not noticed,

when you swallowed the little paper thing!

in the middle of a converasation

then, to make it worse, there is this string and you are all stunned, and you yank the cup away from your mouth and it pulls that stupid little paper thing right out your throat

while you make the loud sound of: GAK! but you don't want to look like a total dumbass, so you don't tell anyone on the phone call that you just did a stupid thing

WELL, that, today, is how I learned to NOT leave the gosh darn teabag in the cup of hot water.

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