Friday, April 30, 2004

1:36am. I am done.

after dinner with a bunch of co-workers, I came home and started on the Thing. The stator is installed, it is re-assembelled. It runs. OH BOY does it run. it's a freakin rocketship. I mean, it is OH MY GOD fast. and silly fun to ride. More tomorrow when it is light out.

then I started on the Bullet. It ran 4 miles, then gave up. dunno why. Just no spark. After fretting all day, I got into it tonight, disassembelled and cleaned and reassembelled the electronics form the ignition system. there was a loose wire to the coil. it is fixed, it runs.

then I found the rear brake switch was meltey, and showering sparks everywhere, so I replaced that with a spare I had from the thing. Now it is not sparkey. all cleaned, rode to go get gas, then took the long way home.

It is too quiet, I need to uncork the muffler.
It is not tuned for US roads, I need to re-jet the carb, put different gearing on it
I think the front wheel is not "true" but it could be the tire is not balanced. it is very bumpy

BUT. it is silly fun to ride, in a slow cruisey, oh look-at-that kind of poseur way.

So all my bikes run, I am tired beat, and will sleep, now.

more tomorrow.


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