Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Cell Phone Goodness! Verizon has forwarded me a replacement cell phone, and it works. At least for now. So I am back to having a telephone. Untill something bad may happen to this one.

Sara and I finalized our flight to Paris/Ireland last night. Woo HOO! Charles & Sara invade Europe. One Pretty Girl and One Grumpy Guy are gonna shake it up with our pal Jack, and whomever else goes. Woo Hooo!

And I just saw my pal Chris Null's weblog entry about girls in low-rise sweat pants. And I felt a rant coming on. It's simmering now, and I don't think it will get to a full boil, but I do gotta say something.

Low Rider Pants. Hip Huggers. Butt Cleavage.

Ya know what? 98% of the people in our world should not wear these. I mean, I LIKE the idea of women tossing out their preconcieved notions of what is proper. Hell YES I love thong underpants. But Ladies, if you are a 'normal' woman, with a "normal" body, do NOT fall into the low rider trap. NO ONE looks good in these. They allow your junk to hang out of your trunk. I mean, it's like, BAM!

If there is enough dangling over the waistband that you could concieveably tuck it into your pockets, please make the correct choice, and leave the pants in the dressing room at the store.

I shold mention, a girl in a flouncy, lightweight summer skirt is one HECK of a lot prettier than someone dealing crack like J-Lo after a haagen-daaz splurge

I know, I know, I got a big ol gut hangin over my belt. I KNOW this. And therefore, I am not wearing low rider pants. I just ask the rest of you to be as kind.

and if you are gonna show the thong, make sure you don't get all mad at me for staring.

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