Thursday, April 08, 2004

I am back from Sara's sisters Vegas Wedding. It was nice seeing sara's family. Other than that, vegas was kinda well, vegas

everything was expensive, and the hotel was bland. (but should have been better)

Sara's dad summed it up "it's no fun when you are not winning anything"

and no one at Mandalay Bay seemed to be winning, anything.

We got back last night, my pal Matthew picked us up at airport

My skin is horribly numb, my ears are fierce ringing, I cannot feel much of anything, it is driving me slowly more insane. BUT! I am alive.

It feels like walking on wet sponges. i cannot tell when my foot is really on the floor, or when my hands really touch anything.

Motorcycle: The Bullet is in a box, on docks with Eurasia Imports in Los Angeles. It is waiting for U.S. Customs to x-ray it and make sure it is not full of dope. I think

Once it clears or does not clear customs, I will hear from the importer, to know the next step. Which, hopefully, is that they are shipping it to San Francisco, for me to go pick up.

Work may be sending me to Dallas and Austin in early May. Do not get excited, it is for WORK, and I will only be there overnight, and be working. :( Maybe some time on the weekend, dunno yet. Do not get excited. Yes Mom, this means you. :P ha ha ha ha

Will see what happens, when it gets real, I will update.

Oh, Jim the old Roommate is hard up for money, and just sold me one of his toys I have wanted for a long time. Woot!

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