Friday, April 23, 2004

I hate the answer, but it's the ONLY answer I got.

The Bangalore Bullet is on a truck, making it's way from LA to SF. It is scheduled to arrive this Sunday, April 25. Guess who is not open Sunday? Yep, I phoned the VERY nice people at Bart Trucking, the recieving company in SF.

If the crate arrives Monday, they still have to get it off the truck, out of the container, and properly catalogued. I will be able to call next week, and see if it has arrived. Once it has arrived, it has 15 days to clear customs.

I thought it already CLEARED customs in LA?

anyhow, nice lady on phone said wait. So I will wait. Once it arrives there, I need to do something with customs. She says wait till they get the box. So I will wait.

GRRRR! I am impatient. I want to know what happens NOW! Not wait.

In good news, boxes 1 & 2 of my stuff to work the "Thing" are scheduled to arrive today. So at least one bike will be closer to done.

AND, Joe from MotoJava is on the case for black bodywork & 17" wheels. Woot!

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