Monday, April 12, 2004

okay, still no cell phone

Sunday I drove to somewhere north of Sacramento to help my pal Rebecca buy a used motorcycle. She got a SV 650 in very good condition, it was great

Saturday Sara and our pal Joan had a garage sale, I think Sara had fun, cause she came home with much less stuff, and a fistfull of money YAY. I got new tires for the Motard. then we had dinner at Taiwan restaurant

what else


Subservient Chicken! I have no idea how they do this, and I am just fascinated. Is it a database of film clips hooked to a recognition engine? or some poor sot in a hotel room watching a request screen? I do not know, and appreciate any comments any of you may have

I am not as numb today as I have been, but it comes and goes in waves.

The Enfield is still in LA, I have not heard anything.

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