Friday, April 30, 2004

So. As we remember from the last installment, our hero's Brand new
350 Classic had no spark.

In fits of hand wringing and terror, he scoured the newsgroup for
advice (thanks all) and went by the auto parts store for new plugs,
plug wire, & coil, just in case.

Then, as an added dose, after work, took many visiting engineers form
India to "ON the Border" restaurant for dinner and Margaritas. Much
talk and bench work happened.

Finally arrive home at 9pm, about 1/2 in the bag, (as they say) and
commenced working on the OTHER thumper, a recently acquired 2000
Honda XR650R made street legal. Installed the new rewound 200w
output stator coil, and fired her up. Fast. Very fast.
Rocketship fast.

Park the Honda, and set hard to the Bullet. Disassembelled the seat
and wiring cluster, airbox, toolbox, made room, got to the
electics. Replaced the plug wire, no difference, no spark. Replaced
the coil, no effect. Either the new coil is also bad, or the
problem is not there. slowly and ever so gingerly started measuring
voltage across the points, and SPARK! Wahoo! something with the
points! light dusting with emery cloth, check the gap, and

WHUPPAH WHUPPAH! Success! She runs! SWEET! Totally Sweet.

Reassemble EVERYTHING. (using loctite)

And take her for a ride to the local gas station, which is closed.
CLOSED? how the heck can they be closed? Where's my watch? Oh my
STARS, it's 12:30am. Fortunately, pay-at-the-pump, and I top the

ride home, as I am parking, I see a load of sparks from the rear
brake lever. That should not spark. Turns out the brake light
switch houseing is broken, and is shorting against the bodywork.
Remove, replace with spare I had laying around for another bike,
remount, drill holes to match the enfield holes, tap, remount, tidy
springs, no more sparks.

Now it's 1:30am, I go to sleep. Will go to work late, right?

at 6:30 am, a roofing crew arrived at the house across the street,
and started ripping off the roof. There is no way to deny it, wake
up. No more sleep today boy!

I wake, kick over the bike, and realize, it has the wrong sound!

A Bullet is supposed to go "thump thump thump". This one goes "pooft
pooft pooft"

I remove the end of the exhaust pipe and pull 1/2 the fibreglass
baffle packing out. Reassemble, and voila, "thump thump thump" though
not as loud as in India.

Shower, wash, shave, dress, hop on bike, and ride to work.

There is a TV ad in India. It shows a street/railway intersection.
You hear a train coming, and in the background, you hear a "thump
thump thump" Then an officer comes to the intersection. Holds up his
hand, stops the train, lets the Bullet go. The narrator
says "Everyone makes way for a Bullet!"

Well, maybe in India. But on Highway 87 to work in San
Jose,California, no Sir EE! people honk and curse. I am still
breaking it in, so I am not at full throttle, was hitting indicated
60mph. ONLY.

Cars were pissed!

oh well, it was the speed limit.

As I got onto surface streets closer to work, every so often a car
would pass with a guy pointing and waving. Obviously from India, and
recognized the bike.

I am at work, 100% wore out. I can barely keep my head up, but it is
early, the building is empty, I may close my office door and rest.

Next project? Jetting.
Next Next Project? Gearing

any suggestions appreciated.

Anyone got a speedo with 7500 on the clock they'd be willing to sell
me or let me borrow through the mail for a week or two? Where's
Darryl in Bakersfield, He had one, I gotta remember where I left his

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