Sunday, April 18, 2004

Well, everything is for sale, as they say, and Dan offered me the right price.

I sold my DRZ Super Motard.

And the next day I found a 2000 Honda XR 6450R, already street legal, but heavily modified. To someone else's specs.

my pal Jack christened it "the thing"

I am changing it rapidly to suit my evil needs.

Hopefully by next week it'll be all black, and very VERY badass.

This is what I have done today:

New tires
raised suspension
removed all custom bits
replaced stock bodywork
detangled wire mess
clean clean clean

I am hoping to buy all black bodywork and a cool handlebar switch for the turn signal/headlight
I also need to buy a hotter wiring coil, to put out more power for bigger badder lights
I'll take it to Phil for suspension tuning
i need a better kickstand
i need to change the title & insurance

woo hoo, it is turning bad. and by bad, I mean totally sweet

My pal Jeff in SF may be sick again, we are hoping good hopes for him. (no cancer!)

other than that, I am very numb today, and my ears are ringing furiously

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