Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Got home to Sara, Safely back! Jim, the gun came through security fine. A little excitement, but came through fine.

I finally caught up on my rest. Got home from work Tuesday evening, and disassembelled the crate the Bullet arrived in. All wood apart, all nails accounted for.

Then I setup the pocketbike, so my neighbors Ruben and his sister Nicole could take a little neighborhood ride. It seems to be bogging, then stalling, I need to work on it. I hate 2-strokes.

For dinner, Sara and I rode to Alberto's for Tuesday Night Motorcycle dinner. She took the Thing, and I took the Bullet. We rode up through Willow Glen, and Sara did not care for the Thing. She said it felt hard to ride.

Dinner was great, then we went to Eric & Lissa's to say howdy. On the way home, I left first, we took Hwy 87, and Sara caught up to me. At the house she took off her helmet, and said "Now, I GET it!" Very cool. When she was able to open the Thig up and go fast, it made sense to her. YAY!

I have a cool girl, some cool bikes, and a damn fine life

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