Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I've uploaded my Austin Trip Photos to Yahoo. The directory should be public. It shows my sisters condo, my pal Joe's shop, then a party we had at Central Market back patio with a lot of pals, finally breakfast at Flores in Oak Hill, and one pic of Missy in Dallas, giving me her opinion on something.

Work's swell, everything is falling apart, so I am having to run like mad and pick up the bits and pieces, will succeed, but hate basing my work on the efforts of others (not my team) and being dependant on them.

Will swap tires and wheels tonight, in preparation for the Sheet Iron 300 Dual sport rally this weekend in Fort Bragg.

Need sleep. bad. Need a ride, need to clear out my noggin, and figure out what is most important, and where I am going. Need a ride. Ride is always the answer

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