Sunday, May 02, 2004

Sara went to her hometown for a long weekend, for her sister's wedding reception. Which left me all alone.

What did I do?

Affair! With a tramp. She's young, but lead a hard life. Really fun to ride though. She likes riding a lot. And does not care if I toss her in the garage when we are done.

Yes, I spent all weekend riding the Thing! She looks quite a bit different than when I got her. She was so ugly Jack said "it makes me want to cry"

But now, closer to stock, with Baja Designs lights, coils, and some real street rubber, she is silly fun to ride.

Rebecca took me up over the East Bay, Oakland Hills, Skyline Road, and Redwood something, I cannot remember, but rode the heck out of them. The DRZ was a really wonderful bike. The Thing is brute force. Just twist the throttle, lean back, and the front wheel leaps to the sky.

Hard into corners, and begs for more. I need to straighten the suspension, and sort out all those issues, as well as get me some fine 17" rims. All in the works.


Then last night Rebecca took me out in San Francisco, a town I usually dislike, for many reasons, but it was fun. We did have yummy Mexican food, that was ALMOST Tex Mex. Not quite, but almost.

Today rode the Thing down Hwy 35, Tunitas Creek, and some assorted mountain roads. Wahooo! Got to San Jose, and swapped for the Bullet to go for dinner. She says the Bullet is cute, but not a great machine. Furthermore, on the way home form dinner, there was an Indian guy in a car next to us checking out the bike.

Rebecca claims she bought her bike so guys would look at her, and sadly, I have bought a bike that has INdian Guys checking me out

Oh well! It's fun for me to ride, I like it.

But the THING! Wahoooo!

more as it develops

goin to pick up Sara at the airport soon. MMM! Missed my baby.


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