Monday, May 24, 2004

So the Sheetiron Photos are up. The last ones are of the burn on my hip. Mom, just do not look at it, it is horribly gross, and will make you cringe. Really, it just feels like a bad sunburn, but it looks icky as all get out.

There are photos of everyone, and scenery, it is hard to capture hills well, but I am learning. Then pix of the Thing. with a card from the buffet restaurant. It says "All Done" cause the Thing was all done.

On my way home, I called my pal James in Austin, and was talking to him when the phone stopped working. A) I fell on it. B) I was in the mendecino mountains, as shown in the photos. pretty driving, bad reception.

What else, hmmm, got home, did cleanup chores, took the camper top off the truck, and helped Sara pick up a new old Japanese Shoe Box. which is like a 4' x 4' cabinet. To make it fit, we rearranged the living room. very different now, but interesting.

This morning, I woke up, loaded all the wood left over from the Bullet shipping crate into the truck, and drove it to Lissa's for her to burn in fire barrels when they have fire breathing, fire swinging practice.

Then back to the house, loaded the Thing into my truck and went to work.

work work, then over to visit Alex at Fastline Cycles in Fremont. He will replace the clutch bushing, fix the Countershaft Sprocket seal, saftey wire the bike for racing, and call me if he finds anything else. YAY. Big props to Alex. Of course, he cannot start till after June 2, but I am okay with that.

He was shocked that I did not mind he could not do it immediately. Are people that immideate nowadays?

Back to work, long day. LONG

got home, Sara and I had dinner at Sharky's, a seafood/sports/oyster bar. yum.

now I am resting my icky icky bruises and burns.

But, am home, and had fun

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