Saturday, May 08, 2004

The word for the day is Ghetto.

We easily made the commute to Boston, and were checking in when offered a re-route to Austin. But ya gotta go through Dulles in DC. Okay, whatever.

It’s a regional flight.

Well, I figured as much.

Seat 14D oh, cool! By the front.

Nuh-uhhhhhhh It’s a buddy holly jobbie. Turbo Prop. Seat 14 is the back, no reclining, and shared row with an oxygen thief. Damnation.

Wheel out to runway, sit and wait 20 minutes. DAMN. Ghetto. It’s hot.

And wheel back in. We may or may not get to go, they won’t let me off the plane. Totally fooked. Totally Ghetto. 1.30 wait, in air, finally, to DC.

In DC?

Ghetto airport, walk on stairs, past other jets, walk, shuttle, run, to next flight, delayed, another regional flight. Damn;

Oh my, thinking it could not get worse, DC has rain. I’ve been sitting on this, the second goddamn plane for 2 hours. Driving me crazy. Its raining? Fuck that!

Will we ever get out of here? I do not know.

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