Monday, June 21, 2004

Friday. I bought a DVD burner for my computer. Like a CD burner, but makes DVDs. Yes, I am taking care of my pal Matt's dog, and yes, I am copying his library of DVDs. Sara and I went to Target Friday evening, and found her the jacket I want. Well, the girl's version. Lightweight travel jacket. woo.

What a great weekend. Our pals Mark & Ellen came in from Escondido, and we all did not much, relaxed. yep. mmmm. relaxed.

Saturday night Jack & Elaine came over, we made a big dinner and ate out on the patio, talked smack and told stories. and relaxed.

Sunday, brunch at Flames.

Then Mark & Ellen drove home, Sara and I watched movies, ate pizza, and, yep, relaxed!

woot woot.

Be glad I don't go on a bender like this guy

Enough with the "woots" already, man!
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