Tuesday, June 15, 2004

i am not stopping in Martinez California ever again

Oh, and yahoo mail has done some major new improvements, I don;t know what they are supposed to be, cause it times out whenever I try to open my mail, and it is driving me insane- r

Stupid Yahoo trying to keep up with gmail. I wonder what this means for paying Yahoo clients? Do they get even MORE storage or a refund?

Been trying to access my Yahoo account all day with no luck either.

Not only will I not shop in Martinez, I will NEVER live in that armpit again. I spent my first year and a half there when I moved to the Bay Area. ICKY!!
this might explain it (there was a DOS-attack on YAHOO, among others...)


Akamai goes postal, kills Microsoft, Symantec, Google, Apple, Lycos...
By Kieren McCarthy
Published Tuesday 15th June 2004 15:26 GMT

Updated A major cock-up at Akamai has seen the world's biggest websites vanish from view for two hours today. From around 1.30pm, the Internet domain that Akamai uses to host content - akadns.net - disappeared and only reappeared at 3.30pm. Because a huge number of websites run through the Akamai site - including the world's four biggest, Yahoo.com, MSN.com, Google.com and Microsoft.com - when Akamai went down, so did they.

Akamai is the world's biggest content hoster, claiming to carry 15 per cent of the Net's traffic. Companies pay it to seamlessly host their website content so files that appear to be at www.microsoft.com are, in reality, hosted at www.microsoft.akamai.net.

Ironically, one of Akamai's main selling pitches for its technology is that it prevents there from being a single point of failure. Outsourcing content to a specialist like Akamai enables companies to concentrate on content rather than have to install their own...
Yahoo increased free account mail limits to 1GB and paid accounts to 2GB to counter Gmail.google.com's popularity. Yet, if you need a gmail account, let me know. I have one and it is currently by invite only...

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