Tuesday, June 22, 2004

i need editorial assistance
if this chick can get this book published
then I need to figure my cancer book and get it done.

sent text to my sister, but she's been really busy

oh, am walking aorund neighborhood when I get home, and later in the evenings with Sara. Wow, is helping.

We also see bunches of houses, and I saw one that added a large room over their garage. I am convinced I need to do this. it is the answer.

I kinda wanna tear down the shed in our back yard, and build a small workshop/storage area for bikes. It seems like a good idea. will allow me to move all the storage and bike gear out back, with a garden closet on the outside.

BUT! More realistically, if we built above the garage, we could move all the junk from my office/bedroom, some storage, all the bookshelves out of her office, maybe make a sewing/sitting room area, and a large "winter" closet up there, reduce the stuff jammed into our downstairs closets. And it'd allow us to better use the back bedroom as, maybe, uhh, a kids room, and better use her office as her office and a guest bedroom? with much less clutter

My other thought is to expand the back master bedroom out, making more closet space, more windows, and a bigger bathroom.

i gotta sell some book, and make some $$ before it happens, huh?

You might want to check the way some of your links post. The one on this blog posted as if it is a file under your blog site (look at the URL; I cannot explain this elegantly)
Talking about book, you might want to check out this comedy about a man's desire for "book". http://www.mystic-masseur.com/

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