Thursday, June 03, 2004

new rant. I posted about Compusa, and the ultra cool logo maddox did.

a close and dear pal who shall remain nameless sent me this. I am not cool enough to write this. she is.

I saw the Comp usa link and it reminded me of the time I came to Austin my first year of law school to go shopping with you for a new MAC laptop. We went into the Comp usa store and the salesguys avoided us. I could understand them avoiding YOU because you're a guy.

That's like HomeDepot; guys who can't find shit are screwed, but cute girls who can't find shit will have three male HomeDepot employees not only find the shit she needs but also carry it to the register and offer to pay.

I did not understand why the Comp USA dorks were ignoring me. I was wearing tight shorts, my hair was up in a Texas girl "look at me I'm dumb...then do my bidding" fluffy pony tail. Hmm why would they avoid me and avoid you?

The only explaination was that Comp usa employs angry geeks who prefer to be pounded in the ass by large, scary men of minority races than speak to cute girls in hot pants. That's the only plausible explaination.

As you may recall, after waiting around for someone to graciously wait on us, I decided we needed to leave and I could just order some rig from the Mac Mall catologue.

So tell your friend that he may need amend his logo to show Comp usa sales boys getting pounding in the ass while cute girls leave the store in droves.

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