Monday, June 07, 2004

Nice Weekend. Got lots of rest, did some yard work, got a table to sit at in the back yard,


did I mention rest?

then went to the Oakland Riot on Sunday

decided to go home at lunch, instead of staying for party. Hwy 4 -> 680 south, a million miles of highway Stopped for gas, let Sara ride the Harley. She did not care for it more than one exit. :) switched back, rode home.

had dinner with our pal Cdoor, who just got back from Europe.

soaked in tub, slept, really well.

Harley needs clutch work, new fork seals, rear brake work, and really, the valve guides should be looked at. I think it is gonna go to Bernard at Real American Cycles this week.

When he lays hands on it, it is always better

Rode the Bullet to work today, what a fun bike, I really enjoy ridingt it. No power, no brakes, very slow and easy, but fun.

Got 5 new interns from Berkley for the summer. Gotta think of tasks for them.

more later

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