Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Okay, I had a great weekend. Sara and I went to Escondido to visit our pals Mark & Ellen. We did not take laptops, work, etc. and there was much sitting around and resting. It was wonderful. Did see the San Diego Wild Animal Park, went for a motorcycle ride up the fornt of Mt. Palomar, where the famous observatory is. Borrowed Ellen's VFR750. If anyone is looking for an inexpensive, well cared for touring sport, let me know, I'll put you in touch.

We got to see the new dining table in progress of being built.

We rested, we ate, we had a dang fun time.

Got home last night, put away clothes, unpacked, etc, then had a soak. MMM. Soak in the tub.

This morning I woke up at 6 and began drinking the prep solution for my CT Scan. I did not poop alongside the freeway, I made it to the hospital in time, and I have been scanned. I told the nurse, "That Pina Colada is the worst I have ever been served, and the side effects are horrendous!"

got to work, am working, an well, letting go of more of the contrasr solution.

that's it for now.


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