Thursday, June 24, 2004

okay, my new GPS arrived. it's cool, but I am not sure how cool. yet If you are gonna buy, my pal Flash recommended GPSCity. They are cheap and fast.

i found this article about the RIAA on BoingBoing

"RIAA squats and dumps on nation's libraries
As part of the antitrust settlement against the RIAA, the record labels are obliged to donate a large number of discs to public libraries. Rather than giving America's libraries decent music, the RIAA is dumping the worst deletes and cutouts in their warehouses, dumpsterloads of reeking liquid shit, and blaming it all on a computer error"

and it just got the wee wheels in my head spinning. These are the guiys who are suing EVERYONE for downloading music files. Well, it turns out they have been oversharging for CDs. The way they will make it better is by giving CDs to libraries and schools.

Wow! Great! they are dumping all their trash into schools and libraries. Who NEEDS 400 copies of Whitney Houston doing any damn thing? So why can these scumbags get away with it? I do not know.

anyhow, that's what has me pissed off today.

In a different note, I spoke to my pal OMJ yesterday. His pal Horace is probably not gonna be with us much longer, which made me sad. Horace truly lived the life with no greed or interest in possessions. I remember seeing him washing his socks in the sink, so they'd be clean for the next day. I should live more like this. Less THINGS.

Godspeed Horace

my brains hurt. I've been working on projects with my boss to move our business unit, and it's been driving me whack. We presented this morning, and now, I do not know the next steps.

really, I woke up this morning. That's the interesting thing about surviving cancer. I woke up. It's all gonna be okay. Yep. Sure is.

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