Thursday, June 17, 2004

This morning I got to talk to my dad for almost 30 minutes on the phone. It was a wonderful gift for me.

Yesterday I went to see Dr. Scates! My cat scan results were great. No growth, everything is where it should be. My blood numbers are perfect. All red and white where they should be. The only issue? I am fat. No, really fat. Like, porky. piglet. need more excercise. oink oink.

Run Run, Run Run Run Away!

Someone composed a list of how fast stuff moves, to give you an idea of how much BS hollywood is. I really think it is cool

Also, my pal Andrea, who gave us Real Ultimate Power, about Ninjas, just sent me this reebok clip about some linebbacker who works in an office, and how big a bastards HR can be. It is quite hilarious

and from the "What the heck were they thinking?" file,... butt smells?

and the mile high kit?

well, that's about all I have

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