Thursday, June 24, 2004

Today has turned, well, ya know how I always say "at least I am alive"? well, that's the sum of where I am at.

I left work, drove to Fremont to pickup the motorcycle. Stuck in traffic on the way home. Got home, jammed a screwdriver through the tip of my finger trying to mount the GPS

stopped the bleeding, (not severe really) and cleaned up.

Tried to start the bike in my wingtips. Whacked my shin trying to start it, big egg shaped lump.

Put on boots. Started bike. Rode to end of driveway, shifted to second gear, and it made a horrible "chocketa chocketa choketa" sound, then rear wheel locked up, spit me off on my butt.

Something is wrong with transmission, loaded it back into the truck, called mechanic, will drop off at his shop at 10am tomorrow. Trannys are expensive.

went to house, turned on computer. 1 works, 2 others no longer connect to internet. Great. Spent 2 hours troubleshooting, to no avail.

stop, go read the mail.

Letter from CA DMV, they do not like the Bullet. damn.

Back to computers, call Comcast my cable modem provider, and ask if anything has changed on their end. They swear no. If I hook working computer to modem, bypass hub, it works, but other 2 do not.

Hop on now semi-outlaw Bullet, and ride to Frys, buy a new hub.

Ride home, almost get run over by drunk in a truck

Home, safe, unpack, hook up new hub. No joy

Call Comcast repeatedly, 3 different service agents. Finally. "Well, we sorta merged with AT&T, and they may be auditing your ip address allocation"

buy 2 more IP addresses, +$14/month. Okay

Configure machines. With service guy walking me through their needs on cell phone.

individually, all boxes work. on hub, only one.

hang up, try again later.

11:pm, call back, agent #4 says "oh, he forgot to activate the other 2"

11:15. All computers work, I can log on, Sara can log on. Dirt bike is broke, big bump on shin. CA hates my Bullet MC, No dinner, tired, cranky, all I want is a nap

as I said though, it is STILL great to be alive.

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