Wednesday, June 09, 2004

the vibrating razor reviewed! I cannot believe
Gilette made a vibrating razor, the ad for it stunned me

the other thing concerning me lately has been the Aqua Velva commercial on television. I've seen it about 3 times recently (I don't watch enough tv?). There's this young-ish guy, and he is splashing on Aqua Velva, to get all fresh and whatever, then some hot young strumpet in a bikini starts mugging down on the guy.

Only here's the part that freaks me out. the guy is wearing a HUGE wedding band! Usually you don't see that in commercials. and strumpet? she's ring-free.

So I am trying to figure out what the message is

wearing this junk makes you mature and married up?
hot married guys can wear this?
wear this and you can cheat on your wife?
strupmets dig married stinkey guys?
or simply, model forgot to take off his ring during film shoot?

I have no idea, but I am very troubled about it.

Real men wore Hai Karate!

thank goodness for TV Party! they have the commercial I remember (you'll need Real Player to view this)

and, the junk is for sale
be careful

(other cool video vault sex commercials)

Thankfully, my pop was an Old Spice kind of guy. It's still around, it still smells good, and yes, I still use it too.

unfortunately, their website is too high tech

they are obviously going after the "young" market. Dumbasses. they have a classic, they should stick to the classic.

which, as always, brings us back to the best band ever
in the world, the Spice Girls.

Who, I hear, are planning a reunion

and the neccessary "which spice girl are you" web test!

of course I'm MelC

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