Monday, June 14, 2004

what a weekend. I was so lazy, it is nigh unto incomprehensible

Friday night? total blur watched a Beat Takeshi movie.

Saturday we slept very late. VERY. then took the Harley to Bernard, so he could do some magic to it. Saturday afternoon we went to Eric & Lissa's for his birthday and their annual "punny phood" party. Sara made green peas in a bowl, on a tray, surrounded by army men. War and Peas.

went home around 8 puttered about, and was sleeping early.

Sunday morning, we met for a ride up Mount Hamilton. I took the Bullet! Mount Hamilton, home of Lick Observatory, the first mountain top
observatory in the world. Very cool road, 365 turns, 4200 feet of
elevation in about 20 miles. Takes a good rider on a fast bike about
25-30 minutes to go up, less to come down. took me about an hour today. i was floggin that baby for every one of it's 18 horsepower! :)

Sara was not feeling well when we got home, but she made some yummy pancakes. heavy, filling, was tired. Then she had to go to work

I changed oil in the bullet (initial 500kms) it was a little
blacker than I expected, and very soupy, but was from India.

when she came home from work, we went to Brittania Arms, a brit pub, for early dinner of fish & chips, came home, she did some stuff in the yard, I may have napped, we talked, she went to bed early, I was an hour later.

very lazy weekend

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