Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I was chatting with my pal Larissa. She just bought a new condo, and needs to take off work early, and start painting it. So I suggested she split early, and go buy some paint.

But not finger paint
and not body paint

then I wondered about bodypainting, and found this link. Then some silly conversation occurred

cstatman: I like the zebra, but I think it is a lot of time spent, for silly effect
larissa: hahaha, um yea
cstatman: and, it is probably a bad idea to run around nekkid
larissa: like that'd stop u :P
cstatman: yeah, great, people would point and shout....
cstatman: "look, that's the FATTEST Zebra I have EVER seen!"

now that I look closer at that site, they all seem to be attractive female models, I do not see any short fat guys, hmmm.

maybe, just maybe, I could be in on the ground floor of a new trend
no, not a zebra, but a hippopotamus or a rhinocerous

so she pipes in: walrus is good

yeah. they are roly-poly and probably like peanut M&Ms

last night I did go roller skating with Sara. well, I TRIED to go roller skating with Sara we went to the end of the block, the schoolyard, and back my shins and ankles were killing me. it is gonna take some building up and learning balance again

then maybe I can be a bodypainted roly-poly roller-skating walrus

I like the vision of you body painted, roller skating, walrus. :o)
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