Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Oh great googley moogley. I was surfing past Boing Boing, one of my fave web pages, and I tripped over the Virginity Rules entry, and was immediately horrified. Abstinence

no no no, how about "listen up you morons, TALK to your children, explain life to them, so they do not make stupid choices and end up in a trailer home like you did"

Oh, it was gonna get worse.
"East Texas Abstinence Coalition" these bastards are getting funding from the state! $772,224 to be exact. Someone is gonna get rich from this. BASTARDS

Yep, I knew it. They were from my hometown. Yes, sadly, I grew up in Longview, Texas. in 1982 the Chamber of Commerce had bumper stickers reading "Lucky Me, I live in Longview"

I made knockoffs reading "Lucky Me, I got the HELL OUT of Longview" Sold enough to buy tons of booze and smokes. (It was '82, I was a young college kid)

Abstinence is miserable, education is laudable, well done teen age sex is braggable. (if both parties are consenting teens)

Okay, I am rambling. Back to the point. There is absolutely, positively NOTHING to do in Longview Texas. Teenage sex is the whole point of life there. Hell, Longview is more boring that my current resides, Silicon Valley.

Instead of preaching an outdated theme, these holy rolling abusers of outdated flash interfaces should be educating kids and handing out condoms.

Well, that's my thought at least.

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