Thursday, July 29, 2004

okay, this is total BS. Ancient Jewish Mysticism, brought to you by Target? $25 for a bit of string?

Last night was great. I left work on the Bullet, and rode north to my pal Robert's place for dinner. He got tired of riding at the last race, but should have waited till he got into the pits to get off his bike. hurt his ankle and knee, but is getting better.

We went for dinner at "Taste of India" in Redwood City. And had some yummy Lemon Paneer.

Robert is one of those super intelligent people, who asks questions that make you have to think, sometimes to the point of having a headache. We had a wonderful discussion, that lead me to consider many things. Which I will not discuss here. But it was all good.

So I left his place, and was headed south. From Redwood City to my house is far. VERY far. Hwy 280 has 'grooved' pavement. on a small motorcycle, with ribbed tired, this is miserable.

So I went straight on Hwy 84, all the way up to Alice's Restaurant, where I stopped to call my mom, and wish her a late birthday.

Then down Skyline drive to Hwy 9.

Well, the Bullet is not a good hillclimber, so it was slow going for a while. And once we got to 9, all the maroons who ride bicycles had put them on top of their minivans and honda civics, and were slowly making their way down the hill.

it took for-EVER

but was still fun to ride. I love riding the bullet. Slow and steady, it is able.

Got home, got settled, and Sara and I went out on rollerskates again. I loosened the trucks, and tied the laces looser, and tonight was easier than last night. But still hurt. I am so out of shape, and have no sense of balance.

We'll keep working on it. Next step, insoles or arch supports for the skates.


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