Monday, July 26, 2004

Yesterday was my 40th. many friends came over, we had Rebecca's cupcakes, we had Mauro's cake, Chris' guacamole, Holly's brownies, Sara's melon, Greg & Cindy's cookies, we had Orangina, we had such a sugar rish it was spectacular. I had a damn fun time. The battery on my phone died, and I gave up answering calls, it was great.

Joe's wife Natalie has been keeping a web log, and I've really been enjoying reading it. She chronicles the amazing daily life of raising brilliant kids. YAY.

My pal Beth just stopped in and dropped off balloons, hat and most hilarious book, yay! (no, she has a wonderful new boyfriend, and is in no way implying "I" am the target of anyone's lusts) But the book is hilarious.

I closed the door of my office, and have been hiding out. It's a good day.

Oh, and mom and dad are buying me a gun safe for the birthday. I need to pick one out, and will no longer have all those weapons tossed about the house.

Sara got me some bangin rollerskates, so we can start skating together. My mission today is to find some pads.

All's well.

Happy to see your blog as it is just what I’ve looking for and excited to read all the posts.
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