Tuesday, August 31, 2004

305 Honda Superhawk. Very VERY Sexy bike. And sadly, $3500 on ebay right now. This one is built to look like a racer, yet streetable.

No, I am not gonna bid, or buy, because I am saving all my dough for the new Sprinter. I called the guy at the dealership, my truck is sitting in Gapney, South Carolina, waiting for the delivery truck to bring it across the country. Woo hoo?

Anyhow, Last night Sara and I went on the Monday Night Ride. It was a small group, only 6 bikes, but Ethan came. He has a HOnda ST1100, like our new, used silver one. I let him ride it on the first leg of the ride, Sara followed him, and giggled. He rides it like a sport bike, and the Ducati boys could not keep up.

It gave us both insight on how this bike COULD be ridden.


then to Duarte's in Pescadero for dinner. Cream of Artichoke and Cream of Green Chile soups, mixed together. YUMMY!

chat for a while, then out to PCH 1, and down the coast to Bonny Doon, back to Empire Grade, to Jamison to Boulder Creek to Bear Creek to home. Lots of roads, full moon, CHP on Jamison taking a leak, it was a swell ride, which we capped off by soakin in the tub, then sleeping and snoring a lot.

It is good to be alive. If I only had $3500 extra bucks....

I need another bike like I need a hole in my head.

a Sprinter? Now I know why you liked the super sexy mini van of ours. What will you do with it besides armoring your garage door?
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