Thursday, August 05, 2004


a pal was bitching at me this morning, and I just snapped. Here it is.

I am so sick and tired of all the Mike Moore crapola. So he made a film. Yeah, Bush is wrong. But it is just dragging on and on, and people are trading one fanatacism for another.

Guess what? I don't care for his recent actions, but GWB IS the President of the United States. Like it or not. If you don't like it, VOTE. Get your friends to VOTE. and other than that, Shut the HELL UP, I am sick of hearing it. Take action, but in a brave way. And stop whining. I am sick of the whining. Make your point, then shut up. And if you have to protest, dress nicely. I hate all the icky clothes all the nasty hippies wear to protests.

Or go to DC and march on the capitol. But don't just bitch incessantly. It does not impress me, and it does not change my mind. You think Kerry is better? OH, anything BUT Bush I keep hearing. Guess what? Kerry is owned by the corporations too. Get over it. It's politics.

REALLY want to make a difference? Get involved at the local level. Change your City Council. Take Part in the school board meetings. Get off your lazy, fat, protesting, whining asses, and make a change in your local community.

Guess what? you are NOT saving the environment by riding a bicycle. Especially when you put it in your car and drive 30 minutes to wherever you go to bicycle.

Want to save the environment? Plant trees! Work with your local neighborhood to landscape road and street medians. Plant gardens by the sidewalk. Get more things growing, and not just a fine St. Augustine grass yard. BIG TREES!

And have your damn car tuned up. Really. Driving that crappy 8 yr old Volvo with all the Greenpeace bumper stickers is more harmful to the environment than all the people you protest. Take it to Jiffy Tune and get a tune up so you stop belching crap into the atmosphere.

Hybrids? Kiss my ass. Those batteries have to get charged from somewhere? You think electricity comes from magic wires? It is generated, at a plant. Probably a coal burning plant, if not a nuclear plant. So STFU, I am tired of hearing it.

George Carlin said it best in one of his routines regarding people who think they can save the planet "They just want to make the world safe for their Volvos" This planet will shake us off like a dog with a bad case of the fleas. Imagine the arrogance to think a person can save the planet. This planet has been here a damn long time.

I read the most wonderful interview with Norman Mailer this morning. He and his son discuss how to make a difference. The one takeaway phrase is 'cool' as in Politicians are cool headed when they speak. People like to listen to a calm, collected thinker. Not a ranting lunatic

So shut up, I am tired of hearing it all.

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