Thursday, August 12, 2004


I was telling my pal Joe how much I like this new bike, and maybe it is cause I am over 40, and , as usual, Joe brought me back to earth, reminding me which of us is the more forward thinking. :)

He is the best.

Welcome to adulthood. By Joe G.

Adults buy what they want; make the payments if necessary; and use it.
No old restores to save time and money.

Adults finish projects in a prudent time to utilize them.

Adults have money left over after they buy something.

Adults fly there, rent a car, then stay in a hotel.

Adults stay in hotels and sleep in their own hotel beds; not tents;
mobile homes only acceptable if occupied by 2 or less.

Adults never say, "I'll never get that drunk ever again".

Adults understand that if the cost of the thrill is 3 months in
traction, it is not worth the TIME.

Etc etc etc.

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