Thursday, August 12, 2004

I am in love all over again. Bought the new used Honda ST1100. This is a BIG sport touring bike. A 1991, with 102,200 miles on the clock. It was owned by a pal's riding partner, very well maintained and serviced, and OH my GOD, what fun to ride.

Woo HOO!

It is physically the largest motorcycle I have ever owned. My harley has more cc's of motor, but this one is HUGE! It has hard luggage, i can lock, it will carry all the camping gear, it will easily cruise coast to coast.

OH my. (I'm excited, can you tell?)

it is silver. it is sleek, it is sooo fast.

Sara and I went to test it, she took it for a ride in the heat of the day, but came back and said "it's okay, kinda reminds me of the old Slash bike"

I took that as a yes.

So bought it from Ed, who is a good guy. He is running his late father's business, Triple O Systems, they make ozone water treatment systems.

Sara rode it home, I drove Ed home, picked up the spare seat, some parts, and promptly got lost in the Santa Cruz Mountians. Ed lives off Skyland, I got lost on Miller Hill Road. I want to print this map out and go back there on the Dirt bike. it was brilliant.

Finally got home, switched seats, and took a ride around the neighborhood, while Sara made a delicious Salad, we ordered Metro Pizza. Yahoo. And watched Roman Holiday. Gregory Peck, a young Audry Hepburn, twas glam, twas spectacular, reminded me I should wear a suit everywhere I go.

We took a hot tub, and went to bed way too hot.

Woke this morning, packed the ST, my backpack fits in the sidebag, and off to the AAA. In California, if you are doing a title transfer "in state" and are a AAA member, they do it there. Mo long lines at the miserable DMV

Riding up the highway was a joy. People got out of the way. I am on a BIG damn bike. BIG I tell you. And comfortable. Parking lot manuvers are still difficult and tank like, but once at speed, it feels just like a tiny bike. Well, except it isn't, and it is harder to lane split, etc...

Got to the AAA, did my business, saddled back up, and headed to work. I really like this bike.

I was riding to the office, and the most odd thought entered my mind.

There are TWO people I want to ride this bike.

first, Greg, Sara's brother in law, in Wisconsin. I do not know why, other than I think he would like the bike, and he is tall enough to make it look like a normal sized bike. Unlike me, which looks like a midget on a motorcycle.

second is my Mom. She hates bikes, and hates that I ride, but motorcycling is truly my passion, and I hope, just once, she could go for a ride with me, know what it feels like, and maybe, just maybe, understand me a little more.

And finally, I have the right bike. it is large, comfortable, stable, and has a comfortable back seat.

well, maybe, who knows? Miracles happen.

Well, off to work

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