Friday, August 06, 2004

i am working from home today, as I am trying to get ready for an impromptu BBQ tonight. and it is whack

i am so tired

but, it is fun to see what is going on during the day in my neighborhood.

the lady who rents the house across the street is having an affair with the yard man. her husband left for work around 9:30, and they yard man arrived at 10. he stayed for lunch, then left around 1. I am morally opposed, but, the guy does leave his trash cans out all week, and he yells at his kids.

what else?

my neighbor Orrie walks at noon, this is cool. he is propably in better shape than I am

OH, and the trash truck only shakes the cans ONE time, not TWO times. this is why my can is full of trash

well, that's it.

more later

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