Friday, August 13, 2004

I hate persimmons. I hate them. They are the most abhorrent things in my world. Well, there is one guy high on my shit list, but other that that, it is persimmons I despise.

When I first moved out here, my rental had a big BIG persimmon tree in the back yard.It dropped these giant orange crap-bombs all summer long. Like huge warm, fly covered balls of cow poo. and I had to scoop them up or be deluged.

I tried to eat one once, it made me want to barf.

So, anyhow, my neighbor Florence has a small persimmon tree. it is on the fenceline of our yards.and it has started dropping the wee, not-mature, not yet full size crap-bombs on our roses and driveway.

I got out of the truck today, and stepped in one. I would rather have stepped in dog poop.

I really hate persimmons.I kicked it toward the street, but really, just knowing it is there....along with her cat JoJo, the pisher....... Maybe I should throw persimmons at the cat.

Only good news?

got home, and 3 packets arrived,
1) Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines, from netflix, which my folks took me to see at the twin pines drive in, when I was a young munchkin (reminds me, I want to see the old Rheinbeck Airdrome) (no, not comfused with Daring Men and Jaunty Jalopies, which I also have in my rental queue)

2) Mobile PC magazine, which my pal Chris Null edits. He is also a Chick-Fil-A fanatic

3) pack of 3 movies, Taxi 1, 2, & 3, from eBay from Hong Kong. French flick about speed and madness.


Yesterday Sara had her eyes checked for some stuff, she was dialated pupil lady.

today, same. dark glasses, HUGE black pupils.

she is still beautiful, however.

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